NEW FENDI SPY BAGS...yeah or nay??!

  1. [​IMG]NAY on this one for me!

    [​IMG]but I kind of really like this one!!!(found on do you think??
  2. Nay for both, but I'm such a puss when it comes to bags (must be plain for me)
  4. I liked the second one until I clicked on the link and saw that it's made of canvas - AND $4590.00! That's just ridiculous! IT'S CANVAS! Are they crazy?!?!?
  5. Big NAY.
  6. still not liking this bag
  7. Nay for both..

    why do the most gorgeous spy bags (e.g. tulle, cracked suede, wisteria) have to be the most expensive as well ?!
  8. Nayyyyy!
  9. I like the second one!! I think its pretty. :smile: The price is definately rediculous, but I still like it.
  10. totally agree with you!!!almost 5000$ is really too much for a canvas bag....the first one is really bad, i kinda like the second one, until i saw its price!
  11. Nay & nay, I like the classic leather spybags better.
  12. Same here.
  13. Not a spy fan, but i kinda like the second's different, but i'd never pay that sort of money for a canvas bag...yikes!!!:blink:
  14. I don't care for all the embellishments Fendi has put on the new ones. I think they cheapen the classic look. JMO. :sad:
  15. I personally like the more classic looking ones better. When spending 1K+, you don't want a gimmiky bag.