New Fendi Spy Bag Preview

  1. In my continual search for a sequin Spy:sad: , I was talking to Fendi in NYC about Spy bags and they emailed me pics of the new models coming for fall. I believe I already saw the black one on the Saks website.
    So I thought I would let you see what you think.
    I love the black velvet one, but the other two are okay.
    The black velvet is $2990 and the other two are $3300.
    Any other opinions?
    black 2990.jpg red stripe revised.jpg striperevised.jpg
  2. The black velvet one will be really nice if it's thick, rich velvet. I don't so much care for the other two. Thanks for the pictures!
  3. I love them, but I wonder why the steep prices? Have prices for the Spy gone up?
  4. I think velvet is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING but I own a velvet blazer and it collects lint like crazy!!!:huh: I would be p*ssed if I had to clean my bag every time I use it.
  5. ^ Agreed! It's very prone to attracting lint and other craps :hrmm:

    The black one is so nice :amuse: The others look a little different, but maybe seeing them in person makes a world of difference :yes:
  6. Yes, I thought of the lint problem, I also thought of the higher prices!
    I don't really like the way the new leather is, I think maybe they are trying to prevent people from copying it.
  7. oooh the velvet one is so dreamy:love:
  8. I love the velvet spy.:biggrin::flowers:
  9. Wowza, those prices are steep. I think for that kind of money I'd buy 2 Chanels, or save a bit more and get something Hermes. But that's just me, I guess I'm over the Spy :smile:
  10. The black velvet is nice. But I'm disappointed in Fendi for not coming up with more colors like petrol and green, which everyone seems to love, and for the outrageous prices.
  11. I like the first one~~not crazy about the other two.
  12. ditto for me!
  13. I think the velvet one is absolutely beautiful, but the lint thing would def. be a annoying would it be to have to clean that thing every time you wore it!...can't wait to see it IRL.
  14. Agree. I WANT COLOR!!!!! (and in regular turtle-y skin)
  15. a velvet spy would be perfect for fall.....will it be available in other colors?