New Fendi Python Spy 2007

  1. Saw this bag today while shoping it is really beautiful in colour, very soft tones ideal for summer, it is Python and retails for just over £2,000 about $4000.

    Saw a picture of another LE one called the strawberry spy, only 2 came into the UK and both are sold, its covered in embroidery in the shape of strawberrys and has black leather strawberries hanging over the bag quite different.

    Then saw another 2 LE pictures done in patent leather one black the other grey with red beads on the front and spy pocket now these was really stunning any one sees one of these please let me know because would so want one.

    I took pictures but they did not come out really as was taking them from a book the Python ones have come out, see what you think. Again sorry pictures on the last 2 are so bad.
    132_3273.JPG 132_3274.JPG 132_3272.JPG 132_3271.JPG
  2. Oh I love to see a clearer picture of the last 2.
  3. I know they are stunning but was taking photo from book and that was reflecting
  4. Gosh Saich

    Never really been a python gal but those others sound amazing. I love the sound of the strawbs!

    Being you are there best customer could they not order anything in for you???

    Also did you behave?
  5. :yes::roflmfao: :graucho: Was wondering the same thing! Didya?
  6. Noooooooooo was bad usual:whistle: bought a gold ring, then hit Fendi, bought a pair of shoes which match my Wisteria spy, will try and show pictures tomorrow, also have the SA trying to get a pair of those blue Fendi shoes another PFM got in Paris, these are sold out in the UK, so they are now trying Europe and to top it all have 2 stores emailing Fendi in Italy to try and get me this Black patent/red beads that you see in one of the blurry pictures so all in all a busy but brilliant day I am always at my best when shopping.....LOL
  7. Oh yeah, I would love to see your new shoes. Good luck on the blue ones-they are super fab! The Fendi Paris store also had the same shoes in the denim!
  8. Great Spy research Saich! Thanks for the update on these fabulous styles! Looking forward to seeing your new shoes....:graucho:
  9. Thank you very much for the new photos. Awesome spy bags! Looking forward to see photos of your new stuff! Congrats and good luck for the blue shoes( I´ve seen litigatrix photos, the shoes are really wonderful).
  10. Oooh!!! I can see what you mean by the patent one!!! ;) How enticing!!! Of course this happens after I order a patent! LOL!

    The python, I am not as crazy about. It looks too busy for my tastes, though I suspect that it feels absolutely MARVELOUS!!!!

    I wanna see the shoes that match your wisteria though!!! I am so jealous! I would love a pair to match mine!

    :heart: BL
  11. The python is a beautiful pattern IRL. We actually have the doctor bag and the mini doctor bag in that same exact python print (at the outlet). Its really gorgeous!
  12. They look lovely.
  13. the strawberry one looks very interesting.
  14. [​IMG]

    i have seen this one on their cataloge and it is for about USD10,000 =(37,000 AED)

  15. Your patent one will be lovely I am sure, and you know me I find these spys but can never seem to find them to buy, so while again I have gone in "all guns Blazing" so to speak to try and get this patent black/beads bet I cannot find it. I think a lot of these spys end up in the Middle East for some reason.

    The Python one is hand painted according to my SA thats why the colours are so soft. Its not a bag I would buy but thought someone on here would like to see it.