New Fendi Forum

  1. There's been many requests in the past, so here you go ladies... :amuse:
  2. Thanks! Again!!!!
  3. Patting myself on the back for reminding him!!
  4. OMG!!! YAY!!! Thank you!!!! Now all the Fendi Spy people have a home to go to... me included!!!

    Thanks guys! :smile:
  5. Yipppeeee, a new destination for education!
    Post the pics girls, let's see what's new!
  6. Thanks! You're the best!
  7. Very nice, thanks again Vlad ! ;)
  8. Woohoo!! I am happy to see this! Thanks Vlad!!
  9. Oh and I also love your new avatar Vlad!! It is too cute!
  10. Thank you Vlad and Megs!!!
  11. Yay! A new home for all the Spy girls :biggrin:
    Thanks Vlad - and I'm strangely mezmerized by the new avatar... what is it?
  12. very cool, thanks :smile:
  13. just a random avatar I picked at someone else's forum... heh
  14. Thanks so much! You're the best!
  15. Well, you know I appreciate this!!
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