New Fendi Favorite!!!!!!

  2. Gorgeous bag !
  3. I've seen a golden one, same material.

    Where do you see this bag? Is it new, a 2006 collection?
  4. I love the Spy Bag, but don't care for this one.....looks like it's spray painted in two tones :blink: .
  5. IT'S A 2006, AND I FOUND THIS ONE ON Neiman Marcus.COM:P
  6. :amazed: ? I was just browsing NM, how could I miss it....
    The silver one is indeed in two tones: silver and gold.
    I will post a pure gold color later if I can find it;)
  7. By the way, I recently checked eBay for spy. Seems less people are willing to bid one, even from those reputable sellers. Is spy really out this year?

    It is so hard to predict~~
  8. What a beauty :love:
  9. Love it. If I didn't already have two I'd be putting it on my list.
  10. Never wanted a Spy until that one...
    Then the blue/green python caught my eye last weekend.
    This can't happen, I DON'T LIKE the Spy!

  11. That is stunning!!!
  12. I will never bid because I don't know if I am getting the real deal. For a $2000 bag...and only have to pay less than $1000, that worries me.
  13. That's one swanky Spy!!!
    Still not a fan of them though!
  14. This bag is probably gorgeous IRL. I hope I see it someday!
  15. I noticed this as well and also that the price was coming down- a few had it in the 1500 dollar range. I don't think that it's over but I wonder if it's winding down.
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