New Fendi Bucket Bag On Elux?

  1. I dont like it...
    [​IMG]Not impressed at all..YOU?
  2. Looks very tribal...kinda weird to me.
  3. I don't like it. Doesn't look like typical Fendi style at all.
  4. I dont mind the shape but that brown piece could have been left off.
  5. :yucky: I don't really like anything about it!
  6. It looks like a drum....definitely not feeling it....
  7. I'm not into these Palazzo bags at all.
  8. No likey - eww!
  9. Looks like an snazzy ice bucket where I can chill champagne.
  10. Double ick.
  11. :sick: :sick:
  12. Fendi's struggling
  13. Looks like a gross wanabe of LV Noe!!
  14. Not liking it at all. What they need to do is bring out more Spy colors, its a classic bag and I wouldn't mind another if they'd just release more neat colors. Quickly, someone page Karl Lagerfeld!
  15. i am not liking it, i don't think that it will be a hit.
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