New Fendi bag

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  1. I'm not liking this new Fendi purse. I'm just wondering how does everyone else feel about this new Fendi purse?

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  2. I actually love it! I was just looking at getting it haha!

    Do you guys feel it's timeless like the classic dot com design? Would love to hear other thoughts
  3. Not my cup of tea. I think the shoelace look will get old really fast. I also don't find it pretty. I like the original Dot Com better.

  4. Yes I'm worried about that as well. I saw the black one in passing at the boutique and it seemed so perfect for me (edgy and classy) and I've been thinking about it ever since.

    I am worried the shoelace look will go out of style as well.
  5. If you love it (and think the love will last) that's all that matters. But if you're concerned about resale in a year or two, I'd be wary,

    FWIW, the black version is probably more subtle. I think the dark rivets really stand out on the red leather and that's affecting my opinion.

  6. Agreed I would def get black!! I'll keep you posted :smile:

    I wonder about resale value for the normal dotcom. I guess it hasn't really been around long enough to know.
  7. If you love it then buy it! I personally don't really care for the Dot Com at all after playing with it and discussed it at length in the Dot Com thread, BUT I prefer the laced version to the original because I don't like seeing the stiching there.
  8. It's replacing the medium 2jours
  9. Thank you dear
  10. I'm not keen on it
  11. This one doesn't float my boat so much. I generally like the look of the dotcom bag, but functionally it's too large and structured for me (and I like structure!).
  12. Plus its$300 more than the 2jours in the medium size
  13. It is?! Just this one or the plain dotcom too? I don't know why but I assumed the 2jours was more expensive. I had no idea...
  14. I'm was wrong the plain one is $2,400 and the one that's in the photo is $2,900. Wow. The 2jours in the medium size is $2,350. I think.
  15. I thought $2400 wasn't outrageous, all things considered, but I also assumed the 2jours was more expensive. Good to know it's not quite as expensive as I thought!