New Fendi Bag - MUST HAVE FOR 2007?

  1. Hey

    Does anyone know about the new Fendi bag for 2007?

    I was reading about Fendi collaborating with Bathing Ape and throwing a big party in Tokyo this month to try to create a bit of excitement ahead of the launch.

    I cant find anything about the new bag though - if you wanna read the article - it goes on a bit but its on

    Thanks everyone!


  2. This collection of bags is known as B.Mix. The reason being, Fendi has 2 different monograms in it's history. The newer one(monogram) being designed and updated by Karl Lagerfeld. These 2 monogram will be incorporated together into the bags. Hence the name.

    The main materials used in this collection is canvas (which is their classic brown) with the occasional introduction of leather trim details. Very very functional, lightweight. And what I love about them is the touch of humour behind the design with the use of 2 different monograms.

    There's also another detail on the bag which I find quite refreshing is the use of a pleat(detail( on the four corners of the bag.

    I think Fendi is going to create a new wave in Spring Summer with this collection. You will probably understand better once you see them.

    Hope my little description(albeit not a very good one) here is enough to give you an idea..
  3. Thank you - I'm looking forward to seeing it!!!
  4. This sounds very interesting! Anyone have a pic of this bag?
  5. I've tried looking for a pic but i cant find one!!!!!