New Fendi B Bags on

  1. There are some new Fendi B Bags on, including the embellished B Bag.
  2. wow.. very nice collection!
  3. The leopard B. bag is just stunning.
  4. I love the B bags, they're my favorite in the entire fendi collection!
  5. I love the leopard.
  6. Here are the pictures
    0431056207929_500x500.jpg 0431056208278_500x500.jpg 0431056208292_500x500.jpg 0431056249264_500x500.jpg 0431056249288_500x500.jpg
  7. I know the the last one isn't a B Bag, but it was too cute to leave out!
  8. The last one is a b-bag, I think... I thought it was the East-west b-bag. Very cute, imo. I think it might be my next b-bag.:tender: :girlsigh:
  9. Aww so cute! But these B bags are really expensive
  10. ^ REALLY??? An east west B Bag, that one is so cute!
  11. these bags is total gorgeous!!! i've seen the tan one IRL... i was stunned, the only thing i hate is i can't afford this :P
  12. The last one is actually called Evening B.Bis, you can carry it as a clutch too! :yes: