New Feature - Feedback received & % positive now shown under Title!

  1. Wow, this is interesting. I didn't realize eBay was going to do this...

    Now under the title of an item is the feedback number % positive feedback received.

    I know this will hurt new sellers who are just getting going and building up their numbers, but it will be good to see right away which sellers have sold many items and their feedback.
  2. They have actually been doing it for quite a while. Its still experimental and sometimes you wont see it.
  3. should be good
  4. Oh, how neat! I haven't seen this so far.. Any specific searches that I should look for?
  5. Guess I've been a little out of it with eBay during the holidays...

    Thanks Oh Donna!, too, for that eBay post on receipts being necessary for handbag sellers on ebay!

    Anyway, I see the feedbacks when I do a search for Tod's and YSL :graucho: