New FAVORITE style. The DAY!!!

  1. I never thought anything would come close to my City bags. I :heart: :heart: :heart: my Truffle day. It's so easy to carry and can hold everything I need but still looks good if it's not loaded up. Now the ? What color to get next? I must have another day.

    Already have:

    City - Black, Caramel & Rouge VIF (think I'm returning too loud for me)
    Purse - Grenat
    Twiggy - Sky blue. Ink
    Day - Truffle
  2. I LOVE my truffle Day too! :heart: I saw a beautiful sapin Day today in was :drool: :drool: :drool:
  3. Pictures, pictures!!!!
  4. PICs please!!!
  5. Here she is
    day small 1.JPG
  6. *drool* - gorgeous! I love the day style too - so easy!
  7. Z&J your bag looks so yummy, gorgeous!
  8. Congrats, your day bag is gorgeous! I love the style, it sooo comfortable and still chic. City is my favorite but day is a close second.
  9. I am soo jealous!!! I love the day style and so badly want on in Truffle. Where did you find her? Congrats on your purchase!!
  10. I was eyeing the exact same bag - style and color earlier this week. Absolutely beautiful!!!

  11. G:yahoo:O:yahoo:R:yahoo:G:yahoo:E:yahoo:O:yahoo:U:yahoo:S:yahoo:
  12. That is a beautiful bag! The color is soo rich! Congratulations on a great bag that'll get a lot of use!

  13. Becca, found her at Neimans. I will be returning another one of the exact same bag on Wed to Neimans in Short Hills NJ. The SA told me it was olive brown and it wound up being the same Truffle I already have.
  14. Z&J: Yeah they screwed up. I was just in Short Hills yesterday and my SA brought out every Day they had in the store (truffle, blueberry, sapin, black and camel). The sapin and camel are TDF...but I ended up buying the black one for a friend.
  15. Congrats, your day bag is gorgeous!!!!
    I also have this bag,
    but the leather on yours is just perfect !!!!!!!!!!