New favorite bag: Jenny Yuen Gatsby in Chocolate

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Do you think the Gatsby is dressy or casual?

  1. Dressy

  2. Casual

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  1. I had a lot of hope for this bag after my debacle with my last JY bag. I had always wanted the Chocolate Gatsby but was deterred by the pink contrast stitching. So when I saw the Chocolate Gatsby at Delcina sans pink stitching, and at a phenomenal sale price, I knew I had to bite the bullet, and so I did!

    I received the bag today, and all the high hopes I had for this bag were met! The leather is like BUTTTTTTER! Soft, like velvet almost, and in a beautiful shade of deep dark espresso brown. The gold hardware sets off the color beautifully, and the pockets on the bag make organization a breeze. I :heart: it!

    My question to you guys is this: Do you think this bag is dressy enough for work and stuff, or do you feel this is a casual jeans-type of bag?

    I dont like the gold charm that came on the bag and I took it off.

  2. opps. I voted causal. But, I meant it is casual appropriate for work.
  3. It's low key enough for work but would look good with jeans too.
  4. ^Thanks for your thoughts!:yes:
  5. I think this is a great looking bag...could work for the office (as long as its not super dressy there) and with jeans. I was tempted to buy it when the special started but I wish it came in more colors
  6. It's a gorgeous bag! I'm kicking myself for not getting a black one during the sample sale. :cry:

    Even though I voted "casual", I think that this bag is classy enough that it would work in any office environment; however, I wouldn't say that it's "dressy" (i.e. an evening on the town when you're all dressed up).
  7. I think that one of the great things about this style is that you truly can carry it either for work or casually. I carry my almond Gatsby primarily for work but wouldn't hesitate to use it casually.
  8. I love that bag-it's quite casual but could be dreesed up easily.
  9. Wow great find Gung. I like it a lot! I think it's actually the perfect bag for work, but can also be used for outside work. I would primarily carry this style for work, since most of my other bags are very casual looking.
  10. What a gorgeous bag! I also *LOVE* that it's called the Gatsby... my favorite book & male character of all time, hehe. Anyhoo - I think this bag is more on the casual side but can work for an office environment, provided that you're not using it for meetings in place of a briefcase & whatnot. Congrats, love it!!!! :smile:
  11. Ooh I LIKE this!!!
  12. I purchased this bag in Sapphire a while back from Delcina (AMAZING customer service I may add) but I returned it. It was too big for me. I felt like I was carrying a piece of luggage. I'm 5' 2" and about 125 pounds. Maybe it would have felt differently once I broke it in.
  13. Gung, do you still have pics of the JY Gatsby in chocolate? It seems as if they've expired. Thx!