New Family Pictures!!

  1. I've been doing some shopping ... :yahoo:

    First, this lovely little agenda is from the boys in Zurich and I have only one thing to say about them - WOWEEE!!!!!! I ordered this little guy yesterday and received it today! I have never had better service - ever - from anywhere!

    The pocket square - Les Capucines - in the green colorway and both Twillies - came from ... and of course, Dame Kelly had to be in the picture since she has been sleeping in her bag all week thanks to the rainy Ohio Autumn...
    Agenda1.jpg Agenda2.jpg Family Picture 101906.jpg
  2. More pics!
    Les Capucines.jpg Black Twilly 24.jpg
  3. Excellent purchases! Just love them!! Congratulations!
  4. wow! lovely goodies!
  5. Wow gorgeeeeous! Enjoy! LZ is great I agree!
  6. Well, Ms. Twilly, we are pocket square twins. I own that same pocket square. In fact, it is the only pocket square I own!!! Oh, and I have that twilly, too. Oh, and I have a black box Kelly as well. Dare I say have excellent taste.:graucho:
  7. Awww... thanks HG! Thanks everyone!

    Actually, I'm really embarrassed to ask this - but I'm trying to ID the leather/color of my agenda - any ideas?
  8. Hmmm, guessing from the pics........rouge H box with vache natural interior.
  9. Yup! Rouge H in BOX! YES!!!! Gorgeous haul, Ms. Twilly! The Boyz are great and your new goodies are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! Congrats!!!!
  10. Thanks! I need to order the fillers from and then track down the tiny pen...
  11. Wow - za!! Love everything you got to go with your DAME KELLY!!!

    I have that twilly, and I love the POCKET SQUARE. Very great taste indeed. The colors on that pocket square just pop out!!

    Congratulations, and everything is just GORGEOUS!!!:yahoo:
  12. They sell the tiny pen at all Hermes boutiques, Ms. Twilly. No problem can also get the insert at the same time!
  13. Lovely little goodies!
  14. Thanks Shopmom! I started to order one on but I'm not sure it's the right size... They don't have the pens there anyway though - maybe I can call Chicago.
  15. That's what I'd do....then you can buy them both at the same time and be sure your getting the right size inserts. I believe the pens only come in silver.