New family photo!

  1. [​IMG]

    Emerald Courier, Black Extra Courier, Cornflower Blue Shrug, Chocolate First, Apple Green Day, Ice Blue Twiggy, Sky Blue Mini Twiggy, Sky Blue Boobie, Ice Blue First.

    The Mini Twiggy is actually discolored so I set it next to the Ice Blue to make it look brighter.
  2. Beautiful family! Makes me want to just hug them and squeeze them. :love:
  3. One word: GORGEOUS!

    Thanks for sharing!
  4. Nice shot. Love the emerald. Hmmm, looks like you're missing something in the red!
  5. It's on the way!!

    I'm still deciding between Rouge Vif City or Rouge Theater City....

    05 Turquoise on the way too!!
  6. ... congrats to your happy family!
  7. So beautiful, all of them! Congratulations, Liz, what a great collection!
  8. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
    Wow, what a great collection! Absolutely gorgeous!
  9. Congrats!!! Can't wait to see the turquoise!!
  10. :yahoo: WOW!!!!!:yahoo: Super GORGEOUS collection!!!!!!!:heart: It keeps growing and growing!:nuts: All the bags are stunning!!!!!!!!!:love:
  11. Incredible collection, Liz! So many colors and styles, how do you choose which to use each day? Which are your favorites?
  12. Great collection.
  13. GORGEOUSSS :drool:
  14. BEAUTIFUL~~~~

    Liz where did you get Turqouise 05 I've been dyin' to get one luck yet..There is one on ebay but it is expensive..
  15. WOW ... pretty collection :nuts: - CONGRATS lizlike..... and thank you so much for sharing :flowers: :love: