New Family Members

  1. I have been bad again today - given my only other posts have been about the mulitple purchases I made so far this year....I am on lock down until April :police:( hope I can hold out that long).

    So here are the goodies....
    COACH 028.jpg
  2. Newbie no. 1 - large Leg stripe sig 27 x 27 scarr. Love the gold trim -
    COACH 048.jpg COACH 049.jpg
  3. Next up....
    Black chelsea leather mini skinny - I bought her for my Andrea
    COACH 051.jpg
  4. 3rd up ....

    Legacy leather wristlet in whiskey
    COACH 052.jpg
  5. and the best is saved for last ....ohh I love her so
    COACH 055.jpg
  6. Ooh I love this...!!!!
    the scarves are cute too ;)
    What is the last one? :nuts:

  7. Here she is Large Ergo leather belted tote in Parchment. She's a big girl, but I love her just the way she is - lol
    COACH 058.jpg
  8. You got some great stuff! Congrats!
  9. wow.. absolutely gorgeous!!!! You're doing great!! I like your taste!!:yes:

    You should post at the main forum so all of us can drool over your goodies :woohoo:
  10. Your "new family members" are beautiful. Enjoy and congratulations.
  11. More pics of the big girl -
    COACH 059.jpg COACH 062.jpg
  12. sure - I'll put them on the feb purchases :yahoo: I am so giddie. I love a coach high. Thanks for the comments - makes me all warm a fuzzy inside
  13. I LOVE that Ergo!!!
  14. Wow that bag is HOT in parchment. I want one now!
  15. Wow that is one amazing bag Congrats