New Family Member - Black Buttersoft Intrecciato Quilted Bag

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  1. A huge thank you to adoptastray for this great find. I saw this on the shopping thread. :tup:

    This is a gorgeous bag and it is so soft. It really feels like butta. LOL

    It is a large bag with great organization inside. I love that it has a messenger strap. It has double zippers at the top. It is only lightly stuffed and you can see from the pics how squishy and soft it is.

    I took a few really fast pics between the raindrops. We're having nasty weather here all weekend long.

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  3. [​IMG]
  4. I hadn't really noticed this style until now - and wow - it is beautiful! What are the dimensions?
  5. Looks like a soft luscious bag....Congrats and I hope you enjoy her:smile:
  6. The buttersoft leather is oh so heavenly, and this style is so chic! Congrats and enjoy!!
  7. Gorgeous Piperlu! I haven't seen you around the H forum much lately. Are your attentions focused on BV now?
  8. Love its buttersoft quilt design and the shoulder strap! And it's BLACK !!! Congradulation and Enjoy!
  9. She is such a beauty! :woohoo::yahoo:Congrats many times! I would have been tempted had I seen the post. What a great deal. :heart:
  10. Gorgeous! Like Mystiletto, I would have been all over that if I'd seen the post. Though I really need a brown, not black, bag.
  11. Gorgeous - looks so soft!
  12. it's so gorgeous, congrats!
  13. :drool: congrats piperlu!!!! the leather looks absolutely gorgeous :love:... any modelling shots?
  14. What a beautiful bag! WOWSA!!! Love the double handle and the messenger strap.

    :drool::drool: Leather looks so soft! Please, what are the dimensons??
  15. ^^I would say that I have a new love with BV, but I'm still around and checking out the H forums and Chanel forums. LOL

    I promise to post measurements. I'll do that in a little bit.

    It's a good size bag. You could probably carry a shawl in there with no problems.