New Fall/Winter bags-I just received the new pdf by Louisaviaroma

  1. Ladies,
    I just received the new "catalogue" of the new colours and models for Fall/Winter 06 from Louisviaroma. Unfortunately I don't know how to upload a pdf-file to PF. So if you're interested as well just pm me and I forward you the pdf. I've to say that some of the new models like the "parttime" are really tempting. I'm so excited!!!:yahoo: :yahoo: and I can't wait for them to hit the stores!!
  2. Tanja- I PM'd you! Thanks for sharing with us!
  3. hi, Tanja! thank you for the info...i am PMing you too
  4. Yes thanks! You're awesome!
  5. can't wait to see! So excited! Thank you! I pm'd you!
  6. I pmed you all but it can take a while to arrive because it's pretty big and my pc has to work hard on it. Just wanted to say that so you don't think I forgot about you :smile:
  7. Thanx Tanja, just received mine!
  8. Hi Tanja,

    I've PM'd you too - do you what stock VanRav in Germany's getting. My SA from Amsterdam has no idea.
  9. Tanja, that was so sweet to offer (I would love to see it too!)- I think you'll be getting hundreds of requests today. I'm NOT computer saavy...can someone help to post the PDF's on this thread? Otherwise Tanja's mailbox will be full in about 5 min, lol.
  10. thanks for the offer. I pm'd you as well.
  11. Thanks ade, that's actually a great idea if someone who already received it can forward it as well.
    Cal, I don't know what van Ravenstein will have in stock or the other German retailers but my guess would be that it'll be much less than Louisa. I'll buy mine end of September when I'm in N.Y. city anyway because I think they will have a bigger variety than here.
  12. thanks Tanja, anyone know what the "part time is?" is it new?
  13. Yes, seems to be a new style which is shorter than the work but looks as wide as it.
  14. I am so excited!
    I PMed you :smile:

    Thank you so much for being so kind!
  15. i've pmed you too. thanks for offering! :smile: