New Fall/Winter bag pics!! for REAL

  1. Got these from BRYANBOY himself!

  2. All bryanboy's comments on the pics lol!
    062606_lv.jpg 062606_lv2.jpg 062606_lvclutch.jpg 062606_lvgucci.jpg 062606_lvyuck.jpg
  3. oh good you postedthe actual pics. i dont like going to his ACTUAL site.. it annoys me.

    and all of those... look like runway models.. especially that last one.
  4. They all look like candy wrapped in foil!!! YUM!
    Still wanna see it in real life, but if that is a red one in the back, I am sooo going to the phone right now.
  5. Thanks for sharing, Matt !!!
    The wallets are TDF !!

    I don't want to get caught dead with some of those style..
  6. Ugh - don't really like any. The LV-Birkin that he likes is horrible IMO. Why do designers keep morphing all the status style bags together???
  7. haha i love bryanboy :amuse:
    i realllyyyyyyyyy dislike the last one.
    thanks for the pictures! i didn't know the miroir camein other colors?:huh:
  8. is that clutch the infamous 14k gold one?

    it's sooooo pretty!
  9. I'm not feeling the last one at all. :shocked:
  10. That clutch is $210k lol
  11. Eh... I guess I'll be using my store credit before f/w.
  12. Gorgeous Pics! I Want Everything!!!!!! Thanks Matt & Bryanboy! :smile:
  13. Are you serious? Don't like any of them.:blink:
  14. Haha.. love Bryanboy's comments, I agree for the most part except I'd much rather have one of those clutches.

    And the monogram with the mirrior edging is terrible !
  15. I can't wait for the Mirror Speedy!