New Fall/Winter 07 Chloe bags on LVR!

  1. Ooh, there are a few things on there I like. LOVE the paddy key ring! a few wallets and one of the beige paddy's with the long chain & paddlock. Not liking the bags with the different color zipper tags or even that cordoroy (sp?) paddy. Ewww- that's just Fugly!!!
  2. Oh the paddy key ring is sooooo cute!!
  3. ITA. The key ring is adorable!:heart: But the cordy paddy is totally fubar.:weird:
  4. There are some lucsious things on there, and it does look like the utility boots are not quite as horrid as they looked on the catwalk, they have toned them down a fair bit.

    I am love love loving that keychain I want one really badly :biggrin:
  5. echoing what everyone else has said... that keychain:yahoo:
  6. Not crazy about any of those bags, but the keychain is very cute!
  7. Not crazy about the bags still have not seen the Alice anywhere.
  8. ^^ This is gorgeous!!
  9. Key ring PLEASE!! So cute!
  10. I NEED the Green patent quilted bay!!!! lol, you all probably hate it. I also love the metallic gunmetal grey one. :drool:
  11. I saw the keyrings yesterday and bought them in all three colors! :nuts: (and this was BEFORE I saw that I wasn't alone in LOVING the keyring!!) LVR was exceedingly nice in that I got a call from Christina at LVR telling me that they will send them all together when the tan one comes in, so that I will only have to pay one shipping charge. (I had originally ordered the black and red one, and then the tan separately...why? I don't know! :confused1:) In any case, if you want to see more of the new Chloe bags, they are on NM's website. I have to say I am not impressed and won't be buying any of it. I think the tan color BTW, is what they are calling "elephant." At least it's the tan on NM. I would think that "elephant" would be a charcoal gray, but that's me...:wlae: