New Fall Tokidoki for Lesportsac pages!

  1. I saw the Transporto Denario on eBay and I went straight to the Lesportsac site to see if it was up. The summer collection appears on the page, but if you change the word in the url from "summer" to "fall" you get the Fall page for Tokidoki!
  2. Thanks for the info! very nice! Wonder why they dont have famiglia?
  3. Wow, there are styles missing all over...
  4. finally! i've been trying to get that link to work but up until now they hadn't updated it. I see that they also took down the pirata prints, which used to show up when you change the ext to /tokidoki_spring.html
  5. Famiglia was a department store exclusive.

    I guess this answers the question about the future of mamma mia and caramella. Not there.:crybaby: Wonder why the offshore boutiques have them though?:confused1:
  6. double post
  7. i guess this also means that the outlets should have spiaggia's now huh?
  8. & no braccialetto, bocce, bella & corriere.
    is strange that non-mainland places have MM&caramella though...
  9. Thanks for the info...I saw these bags in Nordstroms today...cute
  10. they're gonna have tutti and transporto huh. :graucho:

    These pages are actually up and working so you can place your order now!! :yahoo: Too bad no caramellas :wtf:
  11. Awesome.. I can't wait to get my hands on some transporto.. :graucho:
  12. Blah, I hate how they discontinued so many bags. All of the ones I would've gotten trasporto in are gone :sad:
  13. Do you think the regular lesportsac stores carry tutti and transporto? And do they do print placement or is that only SH outlet? thanks! :smile:
  14. I definitely agree!! :tdown:
  15. Oh, very nice! You're so smart, silver! Thanks for the link :tup: