New fall Silverado colors?

  1. Does anyone know if the Silverados are being offered in any new fall colors? I saw the Edith thread & was really hopeful they have some of those colors in the Silverado as well.:smile:
  2. I've found it hard to get an answer to that - NM, BG and Nordstroms all haven't received their lookbooks yet, so unless there's a particular color you're looking for, they can't really tell you what they've ordered. ChloeNY told me that they probably weren't receiving any traditional style Silverados, but they weren't sure of that yet either.

    But one I've seen in person that stands out is the Turquoise (same color as NAP's Turquoise/Blue Edith) - Saks already received that one and the Chamois color (also the same color as the Chamois Edith). They may have sold out of them already, but if you can track one down, that one was really gorgeous.
  3. My Nordies has had their lookbook for a few weeks now. I think there were some coming out but I cant say for sure. Give them a call - Nordstroms at the mall of america - bloomington MN. The SA is super nice.
  4. Thanks girls! I just bought a turquoise Edith yesterday & I'm SO excited to get it.. Boy, if they had a Silverado in that color, I'd buy it too!;) I'll be on the lookout :sneaky: I'm hoping for some really great fall colors!
  5. nawth21 - good to know that your Nordies's received it - mine told me that they'd be getting it soon, but hadn't yet. Now they can probably look up the info.

    And acegirl - I forgot it was you who bought the Turquoise Edith from Roz - the Silverado that Saks received was the same color.
  6. style101 - Which saks had the turquoise & chamois Silverados? I'm dying to see them!
  7. I saw both of them at the Dadeland Saks in Miami, but that was a few weeks ago. Neither one was there the last time I went. But I'm betting that there might still be a couple left in their system somewhere in the country - it's just whether you can get a nice and/or efficient SA to track them down for you. Good luck on your search!
  8. I just got this email from Chloe about the Fall Silverado colors:

    Sounds pretty good, I can't wait to see these! I wonder if the Brown will be like the 04 whiskey color which is IMO the best silverado python color they've had.
  9. Saks called me about a new silverado they received. It was bordeaux leather with a "textured" look. The "threading" was tri-color; in pics the threading looked pale pink to burgandy.
  10. SoCal, can't see pics :sad:

    Luxx- Oooh, Metallic blue, sounds yummy! :graucho:

    Thanks everyone for the info!
  11. Good info! I wonder if these are going to be produced in the traditional satchel style though or only in the newer Silverado shapes. I haven't like any of the python in the newer styles at all.
  12. I can't post the pics via attachment for some reason...if someone else can, PM me and I will forward them to you...
  13. Where did you find a turquoise Edith. There is a blue one on NAP that is sold out. Can you send a picture?
  14. I see the thread, nevermind.
  15. SoCal, the photo is up on the Chloe website! What do you think of the color combo with the multi trim?