New Fall Shoe From Nm-kill Me Now!

  1. [​IMG]Mr Louboutin is gonna get me in MAJOR trouble with PHH.....argh..I hate wedges and even I cant resist these shoes!!LOL WHAT DO YOU THINK!!???
  2. The shoes are def banging! wonder if they come in Fire engine Red.
  3. I love wedges because they make the calf and ankle look slender. (I happen to have the ankles of a truck driver so this is important!) :lol:

    Wedges are very IN right now so you can't go wrong!
  4. I love wedge pumps. Unfortunately I have a weird adversion to spending alot of money on shoes so I have to wait around for someone to make k/o's.
  5. Ohhh, I saw these in black and completely fell in love. Unfortunately I'm more in love with having a place to live, so I had to forego these lovelies and pay rent. But if I had the cash I would go for it, those are the kind of shoes that will look great for years!
  6. I like his shoes but the arch doesn't really fit my feet - I found this out while trying out some of his wedges. Sad, but I suppose good for my wallet.
  7. wow, they're just to die for!!!love 'em!!!:lol:
  8. lol Funny!
  9. they are gorgeous! i want!
  10. So cute. Can't wait for the fall Louboutin collection. :smile:
  11. Yowza. So hot!
  12. Hot!!!
  13. Loving them!
  14. Beautiful!
  15. Really hot but I don't see them fitting my foot, somehow :sad: