New Fall Prada Bags on NM

  1. I just wanted to let anyone interested know that NM online now has some new fall bags and wallets! Enjoy! :wlae:

    p.s. no gauffres yet, but there is a gauffre wallet!
  2. LOVE the gauffre wallet!
  3. Now THIS little number will definitely be my "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING??" list for Fall..... :yucky:

  4. I saw the multi-color patent bags at NM in Tysons - the smaller one wasn't as awful...nope, I take that back - they were both awful! :wtf:
  5. Some of them are really cute.
  6. I just got that gauffre wallet..LOL....
  7. Love that Gauffre wallet!!! I'm hoping they'll do other colors for it.
  8. Hey Jill, was the wallet available or did you preorder? :graucho:
  9. I got the gauffre wallet from the Prada Broadway store!Its sooo cute!
  10. I love that Pocket Tote, but can anyone tell me the difference between the glazed calfskin, soft calfkskin, and regular leather? Just the finish, I am guessing? Has anyone seen these in person yet?
  11. I pre-ordered the gauffre wallet! :love:
  12. The gauffre wallet comes in a zipper style and a fold up style.I always order the flap fold style as my receipts seem to always get stuck in zippers..LOL..Ill post pics of my wallet tonight for you all.I got 4 pairs of fall shoes and boots I need to post pics of too.
  13. I personally am LOVING that they have a lot of modeling pics on there.
    Even that "what were they thinking" bag above looks better being modeled than by itself.
    Almost less sinful. LOL
    ...tho I dont find it terribly unappealing.
    I just doubt I'd buy it cause I'm fresh out of silver unitards to wear it with like the model. LOL. :rolleyes:
  14. JILL!!!!!! Where are the pics of the wallet? Dying to see that...Congrats!!
  15. I want to see it too...especially before I hit your Prada store on Saturday!