New Fall Patchwork @ Macy's & Nordstroms -- PICS

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  1. I took these pics at Macy's of the new fall Patchwork medium Carly.

    Nordstrom's also had a Gallery Tote and Duffle.


    I really liked this particular patch, the background is a light suede and the Cs are leather sewn on top of the suede:


    I want to say the price was $398.

  2. egh. not too fond of it...
  3. Something about it does not appeal to me either. I usually like patchworks but this one doesn't do it for me. Thanks for the pics though, its always fun to see whats out there.
  4. To me, there's just too much going on... Not only is it patchwork, it's different textures. And to me, all of that plus all the hardware on the Carly make it too much. :push:
  5. I don't like it.
  6. I found it very pretty IRL. It's a nice mixture of textures, more so than in past patchworks.
  7. Meh.. the patchwork is not my favorite..

    But I do love those sewn on leather CC's ^^
  8. I saw this at Macy's today too. I don't really like patchwork.
  9. Hmmmm......I thought I liked it but I think I just changed my mind. Thanks for the pics! You just saved me a ton of $$$$
  10. I didn't like it either
  11. So what are gonna buy now? :graucho:
  12. I'll have to check it's tough to tell from pics...but thanks. Could be interesting though...
  13. Patchwork is not for me. Don't like it.
  14. yea, fall patchwork this year is not impressive. i'll pass.
  15. I saw these at Macys a couple of weeks ago. Not too impressed with this. I normally love their patchworks - I have the patchwork duffle from fall/winter 2006 along with the Hamptons patchwork tote from this summer - but this one just did not grab me.