New fall patchwork is Gorgeous!

  1. I was just at the mall and while walking through Dillards, did a double-take when I saw a new Coach Patchwork bag! The SA said they just came in yesterday and they were supposed to be for October but they got them early. The patchwork is browns/khaki's similar to the khaki patchwork that is out now, but some of the patches have leather embellishment. One little patch is actually leather c's in a signature style!

    They had a medium Carly and a Gallery tote in this new patchwork. I think she said they would have more styles later on. It's gorgeous!

    Off to eBay my cotton Carly so I can buy my new patchwork!!:smile:
  2. I'm not a big patchwork fan, myself...but this one sounds like a looker! :graucho: I'll have to check it out this weekend. Hubby will be watching football on Sunday which means Mommy has a pass to escape for a few hours! woo hoo!
  3. In saw that..the ergo bag right?
    Oh man i love that!
  4. I didn't see an Ergo, but it may come in an Ergo. What I like about it was the texture. One piece of patchwork was like an embossed leather. The Gallery Tote was the one I looked at closely. I hope it will come in an Ergo Tote, that would be awesome!
  5. is it the suede one? liike this?

  6. Nope, it's not that one. It's like this only darker shades and has leather pieces in with the patchwork. I wish I was better at describing it. The SA said it wasn't supposed to come out until October.

  7. [​IMG]
  8. OMG I love it...$398 is great! Im thinking about picking up the ergo..i think its $478.
    But how hard is it to keep clean?
  9. the suede patchwork ergo will be VERY tough to keep clean.
    coach suede is untreated and its a real PITA, I've sworn off of it now

    the patchwork will be easier
  10. I had a summer patchwork bag and it was very easy to keep clean. I think the patchwork is very durable.

    Oh, PLEASE let me get a PCE invite this time!! :smile: I must have this new bag!
  11. I'm just referring to the suede being hard to keep clean. the summer one can be cleaned with baby wipes
  12. Hmmm. I need to investigate the cleaning of the suede. Seriously i love this bag & as a mommy of 2 the size is perfect.
  13. hmmm...ok, every party has a pooper and that pooper is gonna be me right now.
    no likey.
    look at teh patch at the bottom just throws the whole bag off for me...and how the bottom line of patches are all the same height...but then it goes different the further up you go?

    meh, not for me...but that's JMO