New Fall Oversized Tote - Best in vynil or leather or?...and which size?


Which material is best?

  1. vynil

  2. leather

  3. satin

  4. other? please state...

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I have been reading the buzz about this new bag.
    Chanel Garbage Bag 7.jpg

    Chanel Garbage Bag 6.jpg

    Chanel Garbage Bag 5.jpg

    Chanel Garbage Bag 4.jpg

    Chanel Garbage Bag 3.jpg

    Which size/ material/ color do you all like best? Sorry I don't have pics of the other colors and materials other than vynil.
  2. Chanel trash bag aa.gif


  3. I didn't vote because I LOVE the vinyl bag but am also loving the leather one as well. Vinyl and leather are night and day and will give you different looks. I'm not sure about satin :shrugs:.
  4. Leather looks classy.:yes:
  5. all those pics are of the vinyl, right? Do you have any pics of models w/the leather?
  6. Molls,
    I am with you. I like them both, and they indeed will give different looks. I do not care for the satin. Prehaps, if it were the smaller size in black it would be fine.
  7. The only material I would consider in this bag would be the leather. The leather looks classier than the others IMO.
  8. my vote goes for Leather also.

    Btw does any one have the dimensions of this bag or would you think a 5'1 girl look foolish with that size bag? I mean its meant to be 'oversized' for a model but would it be tooo big for me?
  9. My vote goes for the leather.:yes:
  10. Love my leather COCO!
  11. I like the leather!!
  12. My vote went to other because I think vinyl and leather are equally fabulous....sigh....
  13. I'm getting the vinyl in the smaller size.
  14. I have yet to see the leather in person but I did see the vinyl. I liked it but I think I will like the leather better.
  15. Leather in the smaller size .