New fall Kooba bags online

  1. What do you ladies all like? I can't decide which ones are my favorites. It might be easier to see them in person.
    I feel like my all-time favorites are the Jillian, Jessie, Chiara and Sienna. It seems like they are really expanding their designs.
  2. Alot of us like a little of them. Alot of us like one or two. Alot of us like None. NOT alot of Us like All of them....Maybe I should rephrase that. None of us like ALL of them. To seasoned Kooba people the Fall season has been a little disappointing.
  3. Well said Lexie!

    I'm optimistic about the Eden, but that's about it, so I'm in the "Alot of us like one or two" category and also the "Not a lot of us like all of them". See? I get it!
  4. I'm kinda ho hum right now...Eden looks OK if not in suede.
  5. I'm in the "I like one or two" category so far. I'm hoping that there will be more to come later in the season that will surpise me.
  6. Not really too impressed with any of the fall collection. Eden is growing on me a little, we'll see if it grows more! I originally liked Hilarie, but decided I don't like the big flap thing on the front. I do like the suede Devin, but I have this thing about only buying bags with brass or gold hardware because I never wear anything silver, so that's out!
  7. thanks for sharing, I didn't know the new fall collection was up...if I had to like one, maybe i could do the Eden...i guess this will be good for my wallet!
  8. Of the ones I've tried, the taupe suede Elishas and Devins are beautiful but not too practical. Lexie has saturated hers in Wilsons, which is what I'm going to do. Hilarie was humongous. Dylan is OK, not fabulous, but OK. Kind of like Eden. There are a couple of others but have to see IRL first.
  9. Ooops, almost forgot I have the Katy...which rocks. The eggplant color and the sheen of the leather makes it a very attractive bag. Plus it's very functional. You guys should check her out...





  10. By seeing pictures I like a few. But I will wait till I see them IRL before I decide what I need no have to have.
    I like the suede Devin after seeing Lexies and I like the eggplant color. Not sure if the Katy would be to big. But a nice bag. I like the Eden and would like to see the pewter color. Not sure if I love any of them yet!
  12. My pics are pretty true for color. The darker pics looks like the bag in normal lighting and a "plummier" color comes out in bright light.

    It's very hard to make a comparison in size with those 3 bags. They are all completely different styles. I would say they hold comparable amount. The Katy is a little more structured as it is a satchel. I bought this bag from a reputable eBay seller named Lninos.
  13. I too bought one of the Katy family bags - Dylan. It's a wonderful color and scrumptious leather.
    Front.jpg Back.jpg Side.jpg Top.jpg
  14. That's not bad Larke. I think I saw one one eBay listed pretty cheaply. But are those shoulder straps just too short to be comfortable? I like a decent drop length or none at all and give me a hand held. The inbetween length straps bug me.
  15. Straps aren't bad, Lexie. Fits securely but not too tight. Could have been a little longer but the Jackie just seemed too big. How's the drop on your Katy? Nothing beats the Devin though. I just love everything about that bag.