New Fall Edith Available at NM

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  1. Lisa Hamlin just called. They unsuspectingly got in a Mustick (sp?) Edith for Fall. They did not know it was coming in, so there is no wait list for it. Which means, first come first served!

    It is a taupe color with greyish green undertones. She said its beautiful. She only has this one and if you are interested call her at (248) 635-8442.

    And if anyone gets this bag, let me know b/c I am dying to see pics!:flowers: Happy shopping!!!
  2. Probably Mastic - there's a pic of the color on LVR if anyone wants to see it (under the new Edith colors on the medium bag).

    But if we ever needed proof that LVR photoshops, this is it. It looks like a whiteish-grey on there - I'd go by the description of Lisa who's actually holding the bag in front of her.:amuse:
  3. I would to. Lisa is usually very good at describing things for me (she knows I am clueless:lol:). But if anyone has any questions, you should feel free to call Lisa. She is fantastic and that is her direct dial number!
  4. Did Lisa tell you how much the new price is going to be for the medium Edith?
  5. Chicbags: No, but I will call her tomorrow and find out. Will post as soon as I find out
  6. I think I was sent a picture of this Edith from one of my SAs...the color is not very attractive...
  7. ^^^ Oh no! can you post any pics SoCal???
  8. Here is the pic I received...

  9. She described the color as "taupe" with an "olive-tone".
  10. Cant see the pic...
  11. SoCal, your pic did not show up:cry:
  12. The NM in Tysons Corner VA also had this bag on Saturday. IRL, the color is gorgeous, similar to chamois edith but with whitish understones instead of yellow. It would be perfect for summer. I did not check the price though....
  13. That sounds great! I will find out price today and post later.
  14. I think my pic was too large...will try again... Ugh, I can't get it to load as an attachment...
  15. SoCal can you email me the pic and I will post it for you??
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