New fall colours in Italy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Hi ladies!!
    My mother is on vacation in Sardinia here in Italy .. there is a little boutique that has already the new colours...
    First: Rouge vif
    City: Greige, Sapin,Grenat, Truffle

    She comes back tomorrow, which one?
    And if i don't like it?
  2. i love the sapin and truffle :smile: post a pic
  3. Really????
    I would definately get the rouge vif first:heart: :heart:
    And if you don't like it there is always ebay
    You are a lucky girl!!
  4. My favourite colours are rouge vif , greige and blue-grey..
    But i would like a city in rouge vif and a twiggy in greige..
    What i do?
    I tell to my mother to buy the rouge vif in first or a city greige or just wait?
  5. o0o0o0o0o exciting!!!

    city in rouge vif or greige- cant go wrong either way!
  6. first in rouge vif, city in grenat :heart:
  7. wow, that's great, i'd say go for the rouge first or the grenat city!!!
  8. Ooooooooohhhh ... GOODIE ... I'm headed over to Paris in the next couple of weeks (I figure if the new Fall bags are in Italy, they *should* be in France, huh?!). Then I'll be in Italy on holiday in September & October ... better alot some $$$ for some B-Bags!
  9. i am going to purchase a first in rouge viv, but am scared i need a city to hold my things. but it is so bright i would think it would be too showy for work!
  10. ooh have fun and be sure to bring home lots of treasures!!!

    Can I sneak in your weekender and go too?? I haven't been back to Europe in over 5 years and I miss it sooooooooo much!!!
  11. Hee hee :biggrin: ... you're not the only one who has asked! Plus all my colleagues over there have been sending me emails re: "can you get me a pair of 7 Jeans; can you get ..." YIKES!

    Alas, I'll be in Paris for business ... and oftentimes work a much longer day. However, I've convinced management to let me stay a little longer (instead of going back and forth), so I'm hopeful that I will have some time on the weekends to do some retail therapy!

    As far as Italy is concerned, we're actually staying in a Villa on a Wine Estate in Montepulciano (southern Tuscany). While I know that there is a store in Siena that carries Balenciaga, they usually don't have a huge selection. I will probably have to go into Florence ... speaking of which, anyone know of places in Florence where I might be able to get my hands on B-Bags?
  12. Get grenat!
  13. Hmmmm ... yeah, that may actually be better since I have the 2005 Rouge City and didn't get the 2005 Bordeaux. That would be nice ...
  14. Get the Grenat City:yes::yes:
  15. LVR has a boutique in Florence, on Via Roma, 19/21r –
    50123 Florence, Italy* – Tel: +