New fall colours coming soon in Italy

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  1. At the end of May or begin of June new colours should arrive here in Italy. :biggrin: :biggrin:
    I am still undecided about the colour... :huh: Tomorrow i have to preorder the bag...
    A city in Rouge vif or Greige..?
  2. Is there a web page or something that I can see the NEW colors that are coming out??? If so can you put up the link THANK YOU
  3. Thank You
  4. l_b - you're so lucky!!!
  5. :biggrin: :biggrin: Yes i know...

    But, if after receiving the bag i will not love the colour what can i do?
    Return the bag ( in 3 days) , wait a little bit and then try to sell it on Ebay?
  6. l_b, since you're lucky enough to be getting the colors before the rest of us, I think you'd not have much problem selling the bag on eBay if you're not in love with it - everybody's wanting to see the new colors!!
  7. omg l_b PLEASE come back and tell us how the colors look IRL, if you get to see more than the ones you preordered! i'm just dying to know about the blue-gray and the blueberry ones.

    and indeed, you are VERY LUCKY!!!
  8. when will the new colors arrive in the states?
  9. i'm so anxious for a b-bag...I don't know whether to wait until fall for a blueberry or blue-grey or buy now and go for a cornflower or ink arggg
  10. I think that the blue-grey will be available in july in Italy... ( as Olive Brown and Light Caramel which are winter colours )
    I hope that the fall-winter leather will be as the " old leather"
  11. I know the SA at BalNy said Greige is the color of Concrete. So if you don't want a grey bag don't get Greige. Can't wait to hear what you think of the colors!
  12. L B, you are so lucky. please, report to us. :flowers:

    twiggers, i'm like you.. i need my bbag fix! i thought about buying an ink as well, but i think i will just wait to see the new fall colors since the word is that they should be here within the next month. i am on the edge of my seat!
  13. fantastic this means luisa will stock it! :biggrin:
  14. l b, yes, please be the bearer of wonderful news for the fall/winter collection! You are so lucky to be one of the first to check out the leather and colors!