New fall colour gazelle (almost like tan)

  1. I went yesterday to my local chloe retailer here and they finally told me the real name for the colour of my wallet (they earlier mistakenly called it muscade) so now I know it's Gazelle :rolleyes:

    They didn't have any bags in gazelle yet but they showed me some cataloque and gosh this colour looks pretty in a bag!! I'm thinking if I should try to sell my large tan paddington (in picture) and get regular sized satchel in gazelle..? As tan and gazelle colours seem to be quite similar, tan has just more orange :P

    I decided to share this info in case there's someone who dreams of a tan paddy - gazelle is one option too!! :flowers:
    tan & gazelle.jpg
  2. Hi +sonja+!

    That sounds interesting. Is the color like the coat of the gazelle? It must be, if they are naming their color to it. I wonder what Chloe hopes to accomplish by debuting so many similar colors this season? I wonder if they are copying Balenciaga and producing a 1 batch of colors per seams like it, doesn't it? Already lots of us are searching for discontinued '05 colors. I bet '07 PF'ers will be searching for gazelle!!!
  3. Hi LG :biggrin:

    do you mean that they have noticed people are after many discontinued colours so they're making a bit similar shades right now..? makes me wonder..?
  4. ...Lg I also realized that they had yesterday some few fall colours (like orange and creme/sand) in chloe store here and I noticed the lether in them was really nice, smooshy and pebbled - they had a nicer leather than the few s/s 06 bags they had just also got in this store...?

    I just wonder if they are now trying to improve also their leather to be more like we want it...? :biggrin:

    EDIT// ...Well it might aswell be they have just learned to choose more pebbled bags on the store here as that's how most of the customers want them...:shame:
    Anyway I'm curious to see more fall paddys, I hope they get them soon in! :P
  5. I think it feeds the addiction :yes:

    A color for every mood. A new must-have color comes out and we are
    thinking about trading another bag to get it:greengrin:
  6. It is possible they are trying to make the colors more rare and collectible? People might be more likely to buy a bag now if they think it won't be around for very long.
  7. Yea Audrey I have a feeling they're doing something like that, and it actually sounds good! :yes: As we now have many different lovely cream/white shades will there be different tans/whiskey shades we'll all be hunting ..?
    hmwe this grows my appetite, I love to be addicted !! :lol: :shame:
  8. Oh I hear you Sonja!!

    Being obsessed with handbags is sooo much
    FUN!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    (ouch, just thought of those credit card bills-ayyii)
  9. I would love to see a side by side photo comparison of the nutmegs, gazelles, tans, whiskeys, muscades. Some of them are so close but still slightly different.
  10. too NWpurselover! I wish I had also nutmeg, whiskey and muscade too see the difference, they didn't have any of these in store here. I think muscade might be a bit darker than whiskey but I'm not sure, would definitely love to see them all :biggrin:
  11. really?? girls looking for 2005 tans??? i thought everyone didn't like the 2005 tan anymore cuz i had such a hard time trying to sell my 2005 smooshy tan off....

    but the new gazelle is CLOSE to tan.. but the tan is more orangey i think.. =) in between the gazelle and the whiskey!
  12. Oh that's sad waterfalls, I hope the price you got was good enough! :/

    I think some girls ( me :biggrin:) love the tan as it's soft and nice all-around-year shade and of course it was the launch colour aswell...... and it's getting harder to find one in perfect condition. But propably colours like sable and craie are even more hard to find, there are some tans on ebay more often than them
  13. Gazelle is nice, I like muscade better (I think). Not sure how pushing out the many variants of brown vs one or two fab shades of brown per season will drive sales. The SAs need to learn the colors.
  14. I kinda like the new Gazelle colour, but it is too close to tan for me to think about buying it.
    I think i prefer the Muscade to this one.:yes:

    But then again, if i could afford one in EVERY colour....:graucho: