new fall color

  1. Just received my new first bag it is in beige,the new fall color it is sooo lovely and it is more like honey brown .
    can u tell me which number will be on the underside of the leather tag inside.
  2. congrats on your bag... can you post a picture? :yahoo:
  3. pic please.....
  4. Are you worried about authenticity? If you purchased it from an authorized retailer, then there really is no need to be concerned.
  5. umamanikam , congrats on ur new bag :smile:

    why don't you post the number & pics on the tags?
  6. i just wanted to know the numbers .it is a authentic bag as i got it from harvey nichols from manchester and they siad it was new from the fall collection .
    it had just come to the store and was not displayed even as only one was there in the hony brown or cognac color .
    the leather is also very soft and thick
  7. Good! I think the numbers can vary. Have you looked at the ateliernaff website yet? It is quite helpful. It'll tell you about the different tags and what the numbers mean.
  8. i think if it's from harvey nichols, you don't have to worry about the authenticity dear :smile:

    well, what numbers on your back tag shown?
  9. 103208 213048
  10. that's a legit number :smile:
  11. is it vey veiny ,if that is the right word:wondering the color looks like a mix of dark and light honeyed brown .
    is that fine or is it suppose to be smooth????:girlsigh:
  12. I agree. If it is from HN you don't have anything to worry about.
  13. umamanika, the leather on balenciaga bags varies between bags, some are veiny, some are smooth, some are distressed, and some are shiny. I'd love to see pics of your bags though! The color sounds beautiful :love: I think if you got it at HN you won't have to worry about authenticity :yes:
  14. yes, i've seen some veiny one :P
    don't worry, it'll be fine after used.
  15. can u please tell me how to care for the bag and also if it has to be polished and if so how ,
    thanks a lot to u all for the help u have given with my queries;)