New!! Fall Belen Echandia Handbags!

  1. Hi Ladies, I just got a look at some of the new bag styles. What are your thoughts-I love the purple!! :tup:

    [​IMG]Indulge Me [​IMG]
    [​IMG] Hold Me[​IMG]
    [​IMG]Charm Me
    [​IMG]Angel Purse

    My personal fave;Love Me
  2. OOOHh Very pretty color! I love that purple. I have never heard of this it pricey? It looks like it would be
  3. Another new style:[​IMG]CLUTCH me
    The Kiss Me Clutch[​IMG]

    And one more Love Me in gray![​IMG]

    What do you:rolleyes: think?
  4. Is it just me or does the Love Me look like a cross between a B-bag and a jimmy choo?

  5. LOL, u are so right!
  6. I bought a matte white "Clutch Me" last spring and I ADORE it. It looks great with jeans, it looks great with formal wear. It is a medium sized clutch, so you can fit lots in -- and it looks squishy and divine.
  7. I think the Love Me is my next bag....I will have to save for that sweetie, but that's will give me enough time to pick a color ;) !
  8. Thanks for the great photos! I'm even more excited now to get my petrol Love Me next month.

    Although the Love Me has outsize zip pockets, it really doesn't bear much resemblance to Balenciagas to me. I also think it's quite a bit different from Jimmy Choo (other than having two horizontal pockets). Personally, I don't have the associations with these designers when I look at the bag.
  9. I thought the Love Me looks like a simplized version of the Take me Anywhere.. or is it just me...
    but oh my - that is such a beautiful purple~!

    thanks for posting these pictures up!
  10. I'm digging the Love Me and the Hold Me.
  11. OMG!!! I love that Love Me bag in purple. I'm positively drooling! :drool:

    Arrgh. Just when I was happy not lusting over any bags. This is going to keep me up at night! :lol:
  12. Yes! This is exactly what I was thinking - for a shortie like me, the Love Me seems more in proportion to my frame.

    And can I tell you how awesome Jackie is (preaching to the choir I know)?! She emailed me right back this morning with answers to my questions. :yes:
  13. Wow I also agree about the Love Me. Especially the purple. That seems to be a really popular color this fall. I am actually contemplating a dark purple bag for fall as well. I also like the Indulge Me....really nice!!!
  14. That Love Me in purple is stunning!
  15. one more thing, what is the price range for these bags? is there a Web site??