New fall bags! wohoo! pics included

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  1. I received an email from Renato with the following text:

    Miu Miu lovers:

    MORE of Fall's 2009 best handbags and colors from MIU MIU

    **(Attached to this email are photos that include information in the title name:
    name, & price in the photo title.)**

    Please feel free to share/forward this email on to your friends.

    Should you have further questions or inquiries please feel free to contact me.

    Happy Shopping,

    Renato @ MIU MIU

    phone +1.310.247.2227 (after business hours inquiries)

    Attached are the pics wohoooo the only thing is I saved the pics but I don't have the prices in the photos...the studded bags are 1950 dollars!

    Attached Files:

  2. [​IMG]



  3. [​IMG]




    I need the silver coin pouch! it's 225 USD! I neeed one!!
  4. Prices:

    1. Black Studded Tote 1950
    2. Cammeo Nappa Clutch 895
    3. Corda Turnlock Clutch 795
    4. Denim Matelasse Lux 1250
    5. Fumo Studded Tote 1950
    6. Monk Pouchette 895
    7. Nappa Monk Satchel 1950
    8. Nappa Turnlock 1295
    9. Studded Card Case 260
    10. Studded Coin Case 225
    11. Studded Monk Wallet 510
    12. Vitello Double Zip 1295
    13. Black Gold Capretto Wallet 370

    All prices are in USD.
  5. Thanks, Butterfly! I'm not a studs person but these aren't too bad - I think I'm going after a coin case!
  6. not a fan of the studs... but love the Denim Matelasse Lux! **drool
  7. i don't like those metal things they put all over the bags.. looks too maskuline. I miss the coffee beans.. :shucks:
  8. I miss the raisins too serene!
  9. They dont have...miumiu touch.Like Im looking on some other designer stuff..
  10. butterfly- thanks for posting! :smile:
  11. I am strangely drawn to the studded accessories. Thanks for posting.
  12. Thanks Butterfly! I LOVE studs..and that heart coin purse is wow!!!Is that the one for 225??
  13. Yes, it's for 225....I want it...but I don't know what I'd wear it with....
  14. Not fascinated by the studs.
    more raisins please!!!!!!!
  15. Great pics.
    thanks for sharing :smile: