New Fall Bag - Jimmy Choo Zip Bag

  1. I was checking out the Neiman Marcus store location and events page and this bag appeared with the notation: Fall essential: A Black and Gold Handbag...Get carried away with a great black bag with burnished gold hardware. Zip into your NM to see the selection.

    neiman location page.jpg

    After squinting a bit, I see the nameplate Jimmy Choo on the bag, which is kind of interesting since doesn't carry Jimmy Choo!

    But since Bergdorf does, so here are more photos. I really like it!

    Jimmy choo zip bag.jpg

    Jimmy choo zip bag on shoulder.jpg

    Price is $1895. I'll have to go to the new Jimmy Choo boutique at Ala Moana to check it out!

    Hmmm..the shape is also similar to that Banana Republic Kempton Harness Tote and Medium Gucci bag on the blog page!
  2. I don't quite like zzippers on Jimmy Choo bags. Just doesn't seem to fit into the JC style. The leather is TDF though, I'm sure.
  3. I saw that bag featured in the Neiman Marcus Fall "Look Book" catalogue as well. It does look very interesting. But note this: The catalogue said that Jimmy Choo will be available at NM this fall!!!!
  4. Ahhhh - now it makes sense! Thanks for the info. I will probably get my Fall Book next month - standard mail takes one month to get to Hawaii!
  5. Pretty Cute.
  6. Doesn't work for me, but looks good on the model!
  7. I like it okay, but $1895 is pretty steep IMO for it.
  8. i love the bag!!! i wonder what colors it will come in.. i'm opening a nother browser to check hopefully ill find it there..
  9. I saw the bag IRL and wasn't impressed, although I LOVE Jimmy Choo! I have a creme Ronnie(TDF) and a Shearling hobo (JC7). This is my new desire for fall...


    Yummy! It's the kasia for $1600
  10. I just found a pic of Keira Knightley carrying this bag!

    [​IMG]Pic from