New Fall 2012 lookbook is out!

  1. I love seeing the new bags, here is the latest lookbook on the Chloe website, what do you girls think? Any likes or immediate 'dear god, what were they thinking?' or blah -whatever's?!
    I like the look of the sunlight Marcie color and the Carla bag, also don't mind the orange Paraty.
  2. I was a big Chloe fan over the last few years. But this upcoming collection, once again, turn out to be boring, nothing new and plain.
  3. I love the grey carla, thats about it!

    the Chloe spring/summer collections is much least the colours are right on track with the trends
  4. I agree that I like the sunlight color and the orange paraty is cute, but I wouldn't buy it. I don't see anything I HAVE to have! I think the next big chloe bag I buy will either be an old school heloise or an Angie in pottery. Kind of obsessing over that one lately.
  5. Fall/winter is my favourite fashion season. Usually designers pull out all the stops, combining exotic textures/fabrics with spicy or jewel colours into fabulous structured bags that I covet all year long.

    So, this is a huge disappointment. The Carla is the only one I don't mind, but I can't see myself running out to buy it. The Lucy is interesting, but I don't need a delicate bag in the winter.

    As for the others, let's just say that I wouldn't want a fox to lose its life to make that ridiculous Jade bag (it looks like a file folder with a fluffy handle).

    ~ grumpy
  6. Thank you for sharing this BagsRmyweakness. So far I liked only yellow small/medium Marcie.
  7. I'm thankful that there were none I had to have, lol! but I agree, they seem to have missed the boat with this one - I can't see any of them growing on me to the obsession point. I love the Green blues color on the first page but the style of the bag makes it completely forgettable. Fingers crossed that the next lookbook brings a much better range!
  8. I finally was ready to purchase a Marcie and now...........fall.......... :sad: so disappointed. I cannot get myself to love any of the colours!
  9. Thank you for sharing this Missmoimoi.
    OMG look at those colours of Paraties :woot:
  10. Hello all!!!

    I was just looking over the collection and the look book DOES NOT do the collection justice... We just received over 25 boxes of pre-fall and WOOWWWWWWZERS!!!!! The colors are PHENOM!!!!!!!!

    Fall hint: Be on the lookout for CHARLIE... She's our new "IT" gal...
  11. I like the truffle too. I am waiting for a dark brown paraty or Marcie. Thar truffle looks delicious!
  12. Hi all!

    The Truffle Marcie does look good and so does the Royal. Is the Velvet Mauve on Luisaviaroma from the Fall Collection? I don't see it in the Marcie range at all on the Chloe website.
  13. I am all for the truffle marcie! I looove the red hue detail! But I am curious to see this Charlie too - what colour shade is it?
    Ladies, which one is easier/more comfortable to wear on the shoulder - Medium satchel via handles (not the long strap) or the large hobo? TIA!
  14. I too think the truffle looks absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE the red detail.
    The medium Marcie with handles is really tempting me...