New Fall 2006 Bags on

  1. :nuts: Just saw the new Fall 06 MJ collection on - bah dah bing! The Venetia now comes in "Graphite"... the "Little Stam" in "Mousse" ... and the "Small Frame Bag" in "Anthracite". Wow, killer colors! What do you guys think?:nuts:
  2. Thanks so much for the tip! I've been waiting!!! I'll go look and see what's posted!
  3. :amuse: The stam in "Cashew" looks pretty cool - so does the "Sporty Tote" in the "Graphite" color. What about the stam hobo? Not sure whether I like the shape or not, but it too comes in "Mousse". Seems like MJ has adopted some Chloe colors and names...(Mousse, Whisky, Anthracite...).
  4. To be honest I'm quite disappointed in MJ's fall line.I'm sick of seeing the same styles reworked season after season.
    A few new colors,adding a zipper here or another pocket there isn't what I consider creative designing.If I were forced to buy something from the fall bag line it would have to be one of these.

    The MJ fall shoes are down right ugly,who in their right mind wears these ugly things?
  5. why do i see inspirations from botkier and ferragamo???
  6. yesss

    now to wait for the marc by marc :[)
  7. When will these designs be available?
  8. it'll be a while... :oh:
    a few months...
  9. Do you think that Stam Hobo is going to sit comfortably over the shoulder?
  10. I was thinking the same thing..

    And those shoes with the round gold heel, if I rock my heels I can just see myself rolling back and falling on my butt:lol:.
  11. ((((((trembling)))))) I am TERRIFIED of the shoes! :unsure: Especially the log rollers!
  12. :lol: That's nothing! One time when I was in Florida I saw this woman whose shoes' heels were like slices of watermelon.
  13. I want a Stam hobo :nuts:
  14. I like the hobo far more than the original stam. I'm not a kiss lock person