NEW Fall '06 Lilac City on Ebay

  1. I just saw the first Fall '06 Lilac city on ebay (6864041266) ... what do you mean about it ? I think this leather is still very shiny and cracky .... I'm still dreaming of a '04 Lilac city ;) :love:
  2. Wow I want that bag! So gorgeous, if only I could afford it...
  3. I don't think it's a good enough replacement for the 04 Lilac. That one was an absolute stunner.
  4. I think maybe this is the spring 06 lilac in *terrible* lighting.
  5. ^^^ I think you're right Murasaki. As far as I know, there isn't a fall lilac color. I totally misread that at first and didn't even catch onto the fall 06.

    Still drooling over your eggplant.
  6. Yes ? You could be right !! The seller wrote it is from the new Fall '06 collection .... but .... I don't believe it :sad: ! Thanks murasaki for the tip.
  7. Leshent is legit, but (alas) oftentimes his bags are pricey.