New Fabulous Gucci Handcuff Flap Clutch!


I "bag" to differ =P
Dec 3, 2006
Hi GucciGirls! Am so excited:nuts: (and broke LOL) after coming home from Xmas shopping (again)!!! I got so obsessed into getting my hands on a Gucci handcuff clutch after reading a PF member talk about it, and when she mentioned it's no longer available in Europe,and seeing doesn't have it anymor either, my obsession went into overdrive and did some thorough sleuthing.:sneaky: So after two days, I successfully got my own, the last of its kind variation (I was told by Gucci SA, well in North America at least) of PF member Arabica's gold Gucci handcuff clutch. I didn't know I'd be able to get my hands on any, since no longer has it either, and 2 out of 3 Gucci stores in Toronto that I have inquired over the phone told me it's no longer available ages ago, but my persistence paid off when I called Gucci @ Holt Renfrew and was told that they have something similar in ivory in the stock room, and Jason, a Gucci SA was kind enough to hold it for me -- I was overjoyed when I met with him early this afternoon to find out that the one he had on hold was in patent leather and 4.5 inches longer than the gold one @ their website. It's a beautiful flap clutch made of ivory patent leather with light gold hardware and suede interior. It measures 13.5 inches (width) X 5 inches (height). This bag's my new favourite,:love: it even matches my ivory Manolo Blahnik d'orsay pumps -- now am ready for NYE!!:supacool:

P.S. It looks way much better in person, and very heavy, too!! :drool:

Dec 8, 2006
Toronto has THREE gucci stores???! I seriously need to re-visit this city.

OMG, this was seriously FATE. I never even knew it came in that color. Was it marked down by any chance?? I like this clutch trillion times better than the smaller one with all the metal. Your clutch is crazy hot. :wtf: