New Fabulous Gucci Handcuff Flap Clutch!

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  1. Hi GucciGirls! Am so excited:nuts: (and broke LOL) after coming home from Xmas shopping (again)!!! I got so obsessed into getting my hands on a Gucci handcuff clutch after reading a PF member talk about it, and when she mentioned it's no longer available in Europe,and seeing doesn't have it anymor either, my obsession went into overdrive and did some thorough sleuthing.:sneaky: So after two days, I successfully got my own, the last of its kind variation (I was told by Gucci SA, well in North America at least) of PF member Arabica's gold Gucci handcuff clutch. I didn't know I'd be able to get my hands on any, since no longer has it either, and 2 out of 3 Gucci stores in Toronto that I have inquired over the phone told me it's no longer available ages ago, but my persistence paid off when I called Gucci @ Holt Renfrew and was told that they have something similar in ivory in the stock room, and Jason, a Gucci SA was kind enough to hold it for me -- I was overjoyed when I met with him early this afternoon to find out that the one he had on hold was in patent leather and 4.5 inches longer than the gold one @ their website. It's a beautiful flap clutch made of ivory patent leather with light gold hardware and suede interior. It measures 13.5 inches (width) X 5 inches (height). This bag's my new favourite,:love: it even matches my ivory Manolo Blahnik d'orsay pumps -- now am ready for NYE!!:supacool:

    P.S. It looks way much better in person, and very heavy, too!! :drool:


  2. Toronto has THREE gucci stores???! I seriously need to re-visit this city.

    OMG, this was seriously FATE. I never even knew it came in that color. Was it marked down by any chance?? I like this clutch trillion times better than the smaller one with all the metal. Your clutch is crazy hot. :wtf:
  3. lol love2travel, do come visit :yes: toronto has 2 holt renfrews -- one in yorkdale shopping centre and one on bay/bloor downtown, and both HRs have a gucci boutique each. and farther west on bloor street is a third one. :heart:
  4. gorgeous, love it.
  5. that is such a cooling looking clutch!!!
  6. this is so gorgeous, congrats!
  7. It is hot! Congratulations!
  8. yes that is so effing hot! congrats! you're very lucky!!!!
  9. Wow, congratulations! Your hard work paid off :yes: It looks beautiful :love:
  10. Congratulations.
  11. Thank you so much girls...your support is greatly appreciated! :yes:
  12. That is one hot bag!!
  13. Fabulous! I'd love to see a picture of you wearing it.
  14. OMG...that's so HOT!!!!!!!! Sooooooooo jealous...CONGRATS!!!!!!!!
  15. I agree w/ everyone...very HOT!! :drool: