new f/w accessories (pics inside!)

  1. that was part of the mens s/s this year, and so are the rings and the cufflinks and bracelet to match...
  2. deluxduck has that necklace
  3. Ohh I didn't know that.. Last time i was at the store, the only jewelry they had was the Geometric V necklace (that you have.)

    I didn't see anything from this collection.. i really want that necklace.
  4. call 866?
  5. i live in canada.. no shipping here :sad:
  6. BUMMER! lol print the pic and try your store. Ive done it
  7. alright.. i'll try
  8. only 3 of these arrived here in Australia - all sold out in a day. i got mine from Vienna when the parentals were there. you might be lucky in Canada. Hikau's been looking for one too.
  9. That's a great necklace, I think I saw it in LV flagship store in NYC. LV never offered that in Eluxury.
  10. I saw that necklace in an issue of Esquire, I believe, although it could have been Details or GQ. If I remeber correctly, it was something like $800?

  11. nope 350 from what I know. and Yes it is available for fal along with the rings and cufflinks again. I myself am getting a ring.
  12. Yeah last week i put my name down on the list for that here in Australia (its $555 Au if that means anything to you lol) im so excited for it only i need to work my butt off for it!