New *Eye Candy* and Inclusion Confusion!!

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  1. Ok, so I dropped by LV today to once again check to see if they had any grey inclusion rings! They had the key ring and hair cubes in ring! The only ring they had, the SA said they just got in, it's the black one in the pics!!!
    However, I don't think this is the "new" one....stones are white crystals! So I called 866... and was told that a new black would be released in 2008 and the grey not being fully released for at least 45 days!
    So I guess I have the black that came out a couple years ago???
    I originally planned to get it to wear on my first finger, but this was the only one they had...does it look "wierd"???
    Maybe I'll get the grey in a larger size and keep this black one too!!!! I mostly wear black all the time so I think this one is good choice. But I also keep seeing the framboise (dark pink) on elux.......
    Well, what do you all think????:confused1:

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  2. Looks great on you! Congrats. :wlae:
  3. very nice ... congrats!
  4. I like the framboise one best, but that one looks cute.
  5. I would keep that looks classic and chic on you and the black goes with pretty much everything! Very versatile!!
  6. Looks great!! Congrats!
  7. Looks fabulous. I'd definitely keep it!!!
  8. Great piece of inclusion bling !!!!
    Congrats, even if it's the old black, its still a hard to find piece, and soooooo
    pretty !!!!!
  9. I can never get tired of looking at Inclusion eye candy, congrats on the ring!!
  10. Keep it :yes:
    I'm confused about the black too, the old one had copper and clear crystals and the new one just has clear crystals.
  11. Oh no it isn't weird. It's gorgeous...Love your nail by the way.
  12. Very NIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!! :nuts: Congratulations !!!!!!
  13. Pretty!
  14. I think it looks great on you!!
  15. So pretty! Congrats to you!