New Expandable frame in Browm...loves it

  1. Here are the pics of my new frame bag in brown from the Fall 07 expandable collection:tup:, its very different from anything i have. I havent worn it yet I am trying to save it for fall, we'll see how long I can last:p

    Front of bag with filling inside

    Front of bag empty
  2. Side view empty bag[​IMG]
  3. Looks like chocolate! yummmmmmmmmmmm...
  4. Beautiful Lo! Is it comfortable to wear on the shoulder? The choc brown leather looks so delicious on this bag! Thanks for posting, now go and take her out for a spin. ;)
  5. oooooooh I love! I wouldn't be able to wait one more day to wear her.
  6. That is so chic! Congrats!
  7. OMG!!! The pics i have been waiting for!! Thanks Its beautiful
  8. Pics don't do this bag justice! Prettier IRL! Looks great in brown too!! Congrats!
  9. Such a beautiful bag, can it be worn over the shoulder?
  10. Thanks for the compliments girls :smile: ye it can be worn over the shoulder, i have a chunky arm (lol) and it fits ok, but i wouldnt be able to get it on the shoulder with a coat, but possibly someone with a thinner arm could.
  11. Lo, that bag is amazing! It looks so chocolately delish!
  12. I love, love, love your bag and have wanted it since the trunk show. I'll have to live vicariously through you, since I'm now wearing the brown bag ankle monitor all the time!! Congrats and enjoy.:tup:
  13. The vintage look is GORGEOUS, but the color is TDF!! Enjoy it...
  14. The bag is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Great choice!
  15. gorgeous!!!!!