New exchanges!!! LOL

  1. Well I got the medium leather carly, Legacy french wallet, and carly signature wristlet (all in black). Well I got everything today and I EXCHANGED everything!!! I know I am crazy and I can't make up my mind!!! Well I ended up with this.

    In the small box is the Leather Carly wristlet in black (I LOVE IT!!!!!)

    And in the large box is the medium Khaki/Saddle Carly. The khaki/saddle carly is suppose to be a gift, but now I am having givers-remorse and I want it for myself. What should I do????

    I also got the medium signature carly in black but they have to ship it to me!
    Saddle Carly.jpg Carly Signature.jpg 100_1243.JPG 100_1248.JPG
  2. oohhh...that is a hard decision. uummm...i would say give it is a gift. i know, hard. i just had the same feelings and gave it as a gift and there reaction was worth it.
  3. oh and the pond bag was in perfect condition. i love it.
  4. hehe maybe this will satisfy the urge for awhile and wow i lost my train of thought!!! hehe

  5. Thats makes me soooo happy!!!!!!!
  6. well update.......... She LOVE the carly!!! And I can't wait to get mine!!!!!