New errors and screen pop ups when I post (10/08)

  1. Hi all,

    I'm not sure if this is just with me or more widespread, but I'm noticing a change when I post and do posts with the quick reply button:

    1. Quick reply: does not work. I get a field showing an error occurred when I try to post with an "okay" link that still does not post.

    2. "post reply": this does work, but when I submit the post I get a 'thank you for posting...if you received a poll you will be directed to respond to the poll' or something like that. Then it reverts back to the thread with my new post. It pops up pretty quick so I have not been able to capture a screen shot.

    I'm not sure if this is something internal or external that is causing this new behavior. Just wanted to mention it.

  2. I get it too. It's a site or server issue.
  3. I'm having the same issue
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one. i'm going to run a virus scan just in case...:yes:
  5. Same here!!!
  6. Same here - won't let me post pics when I try to reply to a listing
  7. same here....
    also i keep getting the popups that say you got new messages, but when i clicked on it, it says invalid link.
  8. I'm having problems posting too...
  9. Tons of glitches today. S-L-O-W, double posting, error codes, not letting me log in from my other browser,etc...Vlad and Co. must be tweaking a bit today. ;)
  10. Also getting lots of virus warnings and detections...
  11. UM..UH-OH....I just got informees not once but TWICE that I have a trojan virus...and only when i log onto the PF...CRAP.
  12. UM..UH-OH....I just got informe not once but TWICE that I have a trojan virus...and only when i log onto the PF...CRAP.
  13. I tried logging off and then on but not working. This time I'm getting some weird URL string when the tPF page comes up.
  14. OK GUYS..I called Vlad...hes gonna check asap ...when he gets home from Stay tuned....Im gonna log off for 30 min and check back...
  15. testing