New Ergos in the New Catalogue!!!

  1. OMG!!! I am sooooooo EXCITED!!! As you all know, I am a HUGE ERGO FAN (I know there arent too many of us, but I LOVE this bag!!!) I am holding the newest Coach brochure in my hands and I am looking at a pic of the SAME ergo hobo I have, but in khaki/camel....only thing is it looks like the shoulder strap is camel PATENT and the rest of the leather is regular flat leather. It says this bag will also come in black siggy.....anyone know about these and IF the shoulder strap is REALLY patent?? Also the pebbled leather ergo hobos are in this book and they are coming out in Bamboo (like a camel), black, and white w/ the turnlock on the front. The patent ergo hobo is in pond and BROWN!!!!!! (this will be MINE!!! LOL) The ergo totes are shown in pond patent, and will be in BROWN patent, and they will also be available in the same siggy colors and pebbled leather colors listed above as well!!! I am sooooooooooo EXCITED about this!!! If anyone has any more info, PLEASE let me know!!!!! In the meantime, I will be here DREAMING!!!! :rolleyes:
  2. There's a new catalog??
  3. I am such a big fan of the Ergo hobos that I own 6 of them! Yes, 2007 was my year of Total Handbag Gluttony!! I am really excited to see what is coming for Spring!!
  4. wow.. can't wait to see them! :tup: I think if they are patent that will be a no-no because I have tried on the slim carly which has a patent strap and all it did was fall off. :tdown: But the patent brown and pond and the pebbled sound beautiful!!! :okay:
  5. Oh I want to see! I have 2 ergo hobos and an ergo tote, LOVE them.
  6. I love the pond patent ergo. I want it sooo bad...I saw it on the Japan website. When do they come out?!?!?
  7. I have an Ergo tote and I LOVE it! It's so comfortable and lightweight. I'd like to get one in the large size, as the one I have is medium. I'm thinking white maybe...
  8. You've got too many bags as it is!!! Just curious since your a SAHM when do you have time to use all these bags???
  9. Well I'm not Mommyville, but as a fellow SAHM, I am always on the run doing something for someone, running here, there and everywhere taking everyone and their brothers and sisters wherever they want to go, whenver they want to go there, so I have plenty of places to carry all of my bags!!
  10. I'm an Ergo ho. I love the whole line!
  11. I sense some jealousy here!!!!???? :graucho: Read the other post about being a SAHM!!! I take it you have NO children yet, huh???
  12. THANK YOU!!!!! ME TOO!!!!!! :yes:
  13. ERGO HO!!!!!???? :roflmfao: You have me ROLLING here!! and BTW...I saw your newest ERGO addition and it is one HOT bag!!! I LOVE the leather belted ergos!!! I think I will be NEEDING one.....SOON!!!!! :yes:
  14. The ergo line is my FAV. !!! It was my first bag . . . :love:

    ANYWAYS, so are there any pics of these BEAUTIES !?!?
  15. Mommyville, is there a NEW catalog???? What else is in there????? LOL!!!! Tell us about every page!!! :smile: