New ergo totes - do we have any definitive info?

  1. I know there are all kinds of posts on the new ergos. Does anyone know the real deal on these? Im wondering what colors/materials the totes will be available in - sizes, price, availbility dates. Thanks to anyone who can post here to try to keep all the info straight.
  2. I want to know too! I also want to know if the large ones will have the longer straps like the newer medium totes.. I noticed that those straps were a bit longer than the ones from last spring:yes:
  3. I also would like to know !I here so many differnt stories. I know one of the gals from here ordered the med. tote it is avail to order -the patent pond one
    and is receiving it monday. I am waiting to see it! I called Jax yesterday and
    all they told me was the med tote-patent pond is avail to order and the med hobo is avail the end of the month . The lgr hobo she couldnt tell me if they were getting it and I dont know the lgr tote style # to ask. Maybe someone else knows more!