New Ergo Pleated Tote!!

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  1. :PI love the shape and it looks like it would be a good shoulder bag! Yummy
  2. Thats beautiful. Its probably more comfortable over the shoulder than the satchel, but I still:heart: the satchel! I would definitely wear this one too, though.
  3. Again with this missing hangtag! The other ones were missing hangtags, too, weren't they? What's up with that?
  4. It is really nice, what colors does it come in and what is it going to sell for?
  5. How can she be missing the hangtag and price tag?

    Seller also has the Denim Pleated Satchel listed...
  6. There was a different seller that always had the same thing missing, too. I don't get it!
  7. Yeah, the missing hangtag is making it look fishy. I don't know if this it's real, but it's nice to see what the real thing MAY look like. Does anyone know when these are going to be available in stores?
  8. I seem to remember someone posting a bag that looked like this that was supposed to be coming out... I remember a couple weeks ago when I saw everyone talking about the satchel I searched for the pic and couldn't find it.

    Then I started to wonder if it was a figment of my imagination.

    So I think it really may be coming out... if it is... I want it! hehe
  9. I like this better than the satchel! I hope this comes out in some good summer colors!
  10. That is really pretty! I have to say I love the kisslock on the other though! :tup:
  11. I like this one so much more than the kiss lock satchel. Very cute!
  12. very cute.... i would definitely use it as a tote though, i wonder what colors they will release....
  13. I almost/kinda like this better than last years tote . . . the pleats just add interest and softness, feminine! It would be nice to it in all the satchel colors.
  14. ooh i like it!