New Ergo Hobo

  1. Do any of you have the new ergo hobo, preferably the medium? I am loving the idea of the new drop length, and I have seen badkitty's belted ergo.. LOVe it!!! But I am wondering if anyone has the new regular ergo, style #11290? If so, how do you like it, and do you have a picture you can post, pretty please?!? I would really appreciate it.. trying to decide for my pce purchase.. thanks gals!!! :tup:

    I added the pics below for reference, sorry they are so huge!!!
  2. [​IMG]
  3. [​IMG]
  4. My mom preordered the bag today....wish I could post pics for you NOW, but the bag wont be here til Friday!!!! BOTH bags are beautiful on though, and have a GREAT slouch to them!!!!!!!!!
  5. yeah I would LOVE to see them! :tup: which color do you guys prefer??
  6. I love mine! I have a medium in black.
  7. oohh! do tell! :tup: is it the newer one with the longer drop length? Do you have a picture?? (PRetty Please!!!) :drool:

    I just have to add... your dog is hilarious! that is soo funny.. too cute!!! :yes:
  8. Pics???? Anyone?????? Lolol
  9. Its a gourgeous bag my friend has a medium black, I'm thinking of getting one:tup:
  10. I pre-ordered the black one for my DD for Xmas!!!! They are beautiful! got a wallet to go with it! I love the chocolate one!!!!!!!