New Ergo Handbag Keyfob came in! PICS!

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  1. It's so cute. It's about 3 tall and 2 inches wide. The inside has the legacy stripe and you can fit money or lip gloss in it. The front pocket is also open so you could put something in there too. It's pretty cool! Had to change the brass keyring though, cuz my VW key doesn't fit on it too well. But, I still really like it. I love the turquoise color! Can't wait for the large leather ERGO in turquoise!

  2. Okay I know I have to have one of those now....that is just too darn cute.
  3. that's so cute! it can fit a lipgloss? i didn't realize it was that big!
  4. i love it!!! so cute and small, and the color is amazing!
  5. Here are some pics with the chapstick inside. It's a normal smackers chapstick. I personally like it standing up and it's not coming out because the snap and handle across holds it in. It doesn't fit perfectly the other way. But, just to get an idea.

  6. Thats too cute! I just spotted it in the catalog...that will be a must purchase from this catalog!
  7. SO cute!!!
  8. I have the New Ergo Keyfob in turquoise. It is just adorable.
    Enjoy your new keyfob. Congrats.:yes:
  9. That is really cute!
  10. LOVE IT!:heart:
  11. So cuuute!
  12. That is so adorable!
  13. Too cute for words. The detail is extraordinary.
  14. That is too cute! Congrats and thanks for the pics!

    Now I want it even more than I did before!
  15. so cute! thanks for all of the detailed pics, youre awesome!