New ERGO coming out in SEPTEMBER

  1. Now that the PCE has been extended, you have NO EXCUSE not to go in to the boutique and look in the RED BOOK at the new ERGO line.

    OMG the new ERGO coming out in September is GORGEOUS!! They have the buckle (like the one on the pleated hobo) and the ERGO shape. The colors are beautiful. I already know which bag I want...the large ERGO hobo in PLUM!!

    And the new GIGI tote is gorgeous...i think i want that one too!
  2. Oooooo I need to see this!
  3. Oh, man....

    Just when I thought my ergo collection was complete...and my closet had space!
  4. Oh God...(serious groaning)...I still haven't gotten all the things I want for Spring and Summer....
  5. My wallet is going to hate me! I love the ergos! What other colors will they have? :smile:

    brass/chocolate **myotherchoice**
    brass/plum **mychoice**


    khaki (sig)/black(leather)
  7. mmmmmmmm.....plum..........:drool:
  8. I went to my store Sunday and they had that book. BNut I didn't want to stand there and look all the way through it. I'm impatient. LOL

    I just wanted to shop!

    Can't wait to see pics!
  9. I want to see the plum so badly
  10. Ooo sounds lovely! And what's this new Gigi tote you speak of?
  11. any pics?

    i wanna see

  12. It's in the new catalog.

    There was a picture in teh "new catalog pics" thread but they don't show up anymore.
  13. Plum? Must see that.
  14. there's a picture of the gigi tote in the new's shown in Sig, but it's much better in leather!!
  15. I need an ergo in every color!